4th & 5th Classes

Sadly, this year we were unable to have our usual Christmas celebrations with parents.  We did have great fun however in adapting, performing and recording a play for the other classes to watch.  Mince-pie obsessed Santas tried to sneak treats under Mrs Claus' watchful eye and unfortunate foxes, a frugal Goldilocks, misunderstood wolves and many others all tried to persuade Santa to move them to the Nice List!


December was the season for bringing a little festive cheer to all our lives with an advent calendar full of treats.  Under each beautifully illustrated date of the month were lots of treats to encourage us through the dark days and dreary headlines. 

With good co-operation and reaching targets we enjoyed a festive hot chocolate,  painting the windows,  a movie, some extra PE and lots more!   


We were delighted to take part in a project to make Christmas table centres for Blackwater House. The children were glad to be doing something to bring a little Christmas spirit to the residents and had great fun make the table centres.  We think they looked super!


In September we tried out a new way to communicate our learning in History - making a movie!  Each group was set one aspect of the story of how a gold salamander found on the Antrim coast tied in to the story of the Spanish Armada. 

I was amazed at how creative the children were in each telling their part in all sorts of ways.  We had wee old gentlemen fishing for

School in September was very different than we knew it before but 

we were delighted to be back meeting our friends and enjoying a 

'new kind of normal'.  Words like pods and bubbles took on new meanings 

but we soon settled in again.