5th & 6th Classes

This month we took part in a Junior Achievement Climate Change workshop via Zoom.  We learned about how lots of our choices affect our carbon footprint and some of the consequences of these for the earth.  Chiara taught us about a cyclic economy rather than linear so that we reuse, repurpose


Maths Week this year ran from October 10th - 18th.  In 5th & 6th Classes we did an escape-the-room type challenge in our pods.  Some of the challenges were really tricky but Mrs Kelso and Mrs Berry were amazed at the determination and inventiveness of some of our pupils who just would not give up until they cracked the final code!  Super work! 


As part of our work on Plant life in Living Things in Science we took part in National Tree Day's big campaign to plant 1,500 native tree saplings in schools around Ireland.  Our wild cherry arrived last week as a tiny sapling and is now safely planted in the science garden.  Hopefully, it will be strong enough to weather the winter and grow big and strong!    


5th & 6th Classes are loving Maths Workshop!  We might not be able to move around stations and share resources as we used to but with lots of problem-solving challenges, drills, DT, games and teaching stations there's lots of fun and great mathematical learning going on every fortnight on our Maths Workshop days.         Well done, Boys and Girls! Keep up the great work!


On Monday 20th September we took part in a Zoom interview organised in association with Tralee Teachers' Centre with author David Walliams.  It was a great opportunity to join with lots of other Irish schools and chat live to this famous author whose books so many of us have really enjoyed reading.  

Welcome to 5th & 6th Class!  It's great to see everyone looking so rested and relaxed and full of enthusiasm for a new term together!  We are looking forward to getting to know everyone better.  


Sadly, this year we were unable to have our usual Christmas celebrations with parents.  We did have great fun however in adapting, performing and recording a play for the other classes to watch.  Mince-pie obsessed Santas tried to sneak treats under Mrs Claus' watchful eye and unfortunate foxes, a frugal Goldilocks, misunderstood wolves and many others all tried to persuade Santa to move them to the Nice List!


December was the season for bringing a little festive cheer to all our lives with an advent calendar full of treats.  Under each beautifully illustrated date of the month were lots of treats to encourage us through the dark days and dreary headlines. 

With good co-operation and reaching targets we enjoyed a festive hot chocolate,  painting the windows,  a movie, some extra PE and lots more!   


We were delighted to take part in a project to make Christmas table centres for Blackwater House. The children were glad to be doing something to bring a little Christmas spirit to the residents and had great fun make the table centres.  We think they looked super!


In September we tried out a new way to communicate our learning in History - making a movie!  Each group was set one aspect of the story of how a gold salamander found on the Antrim coast tied in to the story of the Spanish Armada. 

I was amazed at how creative the children were in each telling their part in all sorts of ways.  We had wee old gentlemen fishing for