Fifth Classes

Last November, the children in 5th class read the book ' Irish Civil War 1922-23 Ava's Diary' for the One Book, One County reading initiative, part of the Decade of Centenaries Programme which marks key events in Irish history. Monaghan County Library organised a workshop to teach the children about the events of The Irish Civil War.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the highly interactive and informative workshop. 

The children in 5th class have been busy creating some lovely art for winter. They were inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock to create these winter landscapes. 

Fourth and Fifth class had a fantastic day away to Airtastic in Craigavon. 

We took part in a shared learning event called 'Our Generation' and they treated us like royalty.

We met St. Tierney's Primary School from Rosslea at Airtastic and we all played very well together.

On the bus, we were given bags with snacks inside. They really were such a treat. 

At Airtastic, we bounced and bounced and bounced some more!!

After all of the fun, we had lunch. This included pizza, chips and chicken goujons.

It really was a fabulous day all round! Check out the photos below!

Fourth and Fifth class worked exceedingly hard writing their own books. It is fair to say that each book was unique and wonderful! Well done everyone on all your excellent work!

Congratulations to Emily Hall for coming third place in the Monaghan Credit Union Easter Poem Competition!! 
We are all delighted for you Emily!

Well done!

Celebrating World Book Day was the most comfortable day in school EVER!

We celebrated Work Book Day by having a 'Bedtime Theme'.

The children had to come to school in their PJs and bring a book with them.

During the day, the children had the opportunity to read their book in their PJs. However, to make it even more like bedtime, the children all had a lovely cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows to accompany their reading time!

Fifth class were learning about 3D Shapes and Prisms.

They had a fabulous time testing different types of sweet treats to see if they were prisms or not.

They had to categorise the sweet treats after slicing them. If the shape stayed the same shape after being sliced, then it was a prism. If the shape changed to a different shape, then it was not a prism.

During Maths Week, Fourth and Fifth Class completed lots of activities.

One of the activities was 'Mathopoly'. We all enjoyed it and loved applying our Monopoly skills too.

Check out these fabulous Valentines' gifts made by Fourth and Fifth class.

The children created a pinch pot using clay. Each pot was beautiful and the children worked very hard on perfecting them. They were beautiful gifts for Valentine's day.

On Valentine's day, the children created cards. The children were encouraged to think of their own interests and create a spin on it.

Some John Deere fans titled their card with 'You are very DEERE to me', while others had 'Spreading the Love' illustrated along with a slurry tanker , 'Bee my Valentine' illustrated along with a bee and of course the special 'Happy Valentine's Day' title illustrated with lovely Valentine themed pictures.

Mrs Marshall's classroom have learned so much about trees, forests and plants. We learned how forests are so important and that The Amazon Rainforest is the lungs of the Earth.

The children created their own mini rainforests in jam jars.

They had to layer the jam jar with over 1cm of stones, add soil, water and seeds.

It was a great experiment. We had a great time watching the plants grow too.

Click 'Read More' to see more photographs.

Check out some of the amazing art pieces completed for the Credit Union Competition.

The title was 'IMAGINE'.

Click 'read more' to view the images.


We took part in Food Dudes for one week and really enjoyed sampling different fruit and vegetables. 

Last Friday, we dressed in the colour of the fruit or vegetable in our lunchbox. 

As a treat, we even got to make strawberry and banana smoothies. 




Fourth and fifth class went on a fieldtrip around St Peter’s Lake to observe man-made and natural items. We had great fun and spotted lots of materials on our trip.


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