First Class

1st & 2nd Class had so much fun during Active Week! We had lots of different activities throughout the week - Soccer skills with the FAI, Sports Day, PE circuits, and a great Pound Class with Pamela!  Take a look at our pictures!

The boys and girls really enjoyed all our Space themed lessons during May.

We have been very busy learning all about the butterfly. In our Art classes we made beautiful clay butterflies. In Science we learned about the life cycle of the butterfly, and we also got to see the real thing in our classroom.


1st & 2nd  Class pupils celebrated World Book Day in great style on March 12th! We had lots of fun trying to guess all the different storybook characters. The boys and girls talked about the character they had chosen and made beautiful story quilts based on their favourite story.   


1st and 2nd Class were invited to take part in our 'Draw With Rob' art activity. Rob Biddulph is an illustrator, who posts step by step videos demonstrating how to draw lots of different characters. I was amazed by the drawings completed by the boys and girls! We certainly have lots of budding artists in our class. Take a look at some of their work.

 Hi everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is hard to believe we have come to the end of January. Unfortunately we have another few weeks of remote learning, but hopefully we will be back at school very soon.

 The first signs of spring are beginning to appear, as the lovely snowdrops have arrived in our gardens and along the roadside, so at least we can all look forward to the brighter days ahead!

 Thank you for all your wonderful work! I hope you are enjoying the activities - I know I am really enjoying seeing your work and I am very impressed with how well you are all doing!

Take care,

Ms Keenan


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Unfortunately, due to school closures, we have to move to remote learning for the next few weeks. Mrs Mills will forward the weekly plan of work to you on Monday. My contact details will be included in this email. It will take a while to get back into the routine of schoolwork again after the long break, while also adjusting to learning from home, so please do not place unnecessary pressure on yourselves to complete all tasks, and only do what you can. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions. Take care and stay safe!


It has been an exciting couple of weeks for the boys and girls in 1st & 2nd Class, as we all moved into our lovely new classroom!


Back in October 1st & 2nd Class focused on Interest Talks as part of our Oral Language lessons. The boys and girls worked hard to prepare and present a short talk on their chosen topic of interest.

Hi boys and girls!

Well done to everyone for all the fantastic work you completed last week! I have emailed the plan of work for this week. 

Don't forget to contact me for your details if you wish to participate in our Virtual Sports Day!

Have a lovely week!


So I thought it would be nice to share a few photographs of activities we did in 1st Class back in February/ March before the school closed. I hope you enjoy looking at all the familiar faces, and they make you smile as you remember all the fun we had!

Hi boys and girls!

I want to say  huge Thank You, for working extremely hard this week and for all the wonderful work you have sent me. I have really enjoyed reading your lovely ladybird reports and listening to your Irish! The new plan of work will be emailed to you, along with all worksheets that you will need. Remember to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, keep active and have fun!

Hello everyone,


I hope you all had a fun Active Week and made the most of the beautiful weather! You all did wonderful work this week, and I really enjoyed looking at all your activities, so thank you very much for the updates, and well done for continuing to give your best effort to work at home - I know it is not easy but you are doing great!

So this week I will send the plan of work and the worksheets via email. I think this is much more manageable for everyone! Have a lovely weekend!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your updates during the week, I have really enjoyed looking at your work and hearing how you are all getting on. Some of you have posted lovely pictures and recordings on SeeSaw and these have been wonderful to see!! Again feel free to manage this plan of work in a way that suits you best.  If you have yet to contact me with your details, please do so, as I am emailing important resources that you will need for next week.

Hello everyone,

Well done on all the wonderful work that was completed this week! I really enjoyed looking at your lovely pictures on SeeSaw! Here is the plan of work for April 27th-1st May. I will email worksheets to parents, so if you have not yet contacted me then please do so in order to receive these.

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue with your learning at home! Again I have presented this week's work as a daily plan but as previously stated, only do what is manageable for you and your situation at home.

Hello First Class,

Thank you for all  the wonderful pictures and updates, they really do bring a smile to my face, and make me feel very proud of each and every one of you, as you continue to work so well at home.

I think everyone has earned a well deserved break from schoolwork over the Easter holidays! Try to stay active and get lots of fresh air, and above all enjoy some fun, family time together.

Best Wishes to you all over Easter,

Ms Keenan

Here we go again! I hope everyone is keeping well. I have presented this plan of work in a daily format but feel free to do whatever suits you best. Please do not feel all work must be completed as I am aware every family situation is different so do as much as you can. I can be contacted using the email address given via the school email that was sent earlier today.

As you are aware we have been directed to set work for pupils over the next two weeks. In light of this I have included a plan of work for 1st Class. Most of the work involves activities that children are very familiar with and so should be straightforward for them to complete. Please see School News & Updates for other suggested activities.

1st Class took part in a number of fun, yet challenging Maths activities during Maths Week.

Welcome to 1st Class 2019-2020!

We are looking forward to having a great year together!

After a week learning about capacity, 1st Class were given the challenge to make their own magic potion, using different liquid ingredients.


Ms Dickson has been teaching 1st Class lots of fun fascinating facts all about France.

3D Shapes from firsr class 2019

1st Class have enjoyed lots of fun and challenging activities on the topic of 3D Shapes with Ms Dickson.

The boys and girls in 1st Class have been very busy writing their stories for the Write-a- Book project. 

There was lots of excitement in class today as the boys and girls ( and teacher!) dressed up to celebrate World Book Day!


We have been learning all about Water in our Science and Geography lessons.

First Class read the story 'Granny's Quilt' in History.

Wood - Stone - Ballons

During Science week 1st Class attended a workshop based on Forces.

As part of our focus on Report Writing, 1st Class learned lots of facts and information about the owl.

During October 1st Class learned all about the seasonal changes in autumn.

We were out and about looking at all the different leaves and types of trees around the school grounds.

1st Class attended a storytelling workshop hosted by Niall de Burca on October 9th in the library.



Monaghan Model 2017 - 2018 First Class Review

Our Year In Pictures

Early this school year we had our Geography lesson at St Peter’s Lake.

We were treated to a Gymnastics lesson at Border Bounce Gymnastics Club!

We had great fun jiving at our Barn Dance!

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