Fourth Class

Ms Hazlett gets married! The fourth class children got the celebrations started in style and we enjoyed a fun filled day with balloons, cake and fancy dress to mark their teacher's last day as Ms Hazlett. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Duffy back to school in January! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Duffy. We wish you both a long and happy life together.

Welcome to Fourth Class

Active Week was great fun and involved lots of different activities involving Dance - 'Jungle Body with Elaine', Soccer skills and Touch Rugby activities. We were also delighted to be able to have our Sports Day this year. 

We had a great day out on our school tour to Castleblayney Outdoor Adventure Centre. Take a look! 

We celebrated World Book Day this year with a PJ day.  All the children (and teachers!) got to wear their lovely cosy pyjamas all day and were treated to a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  The children also brought in one of their favourite bedtime stories to share with the class. To make a good day even better the sun was shining so we got to spend some time reading our favourite books outside in the sunshine! Have a look! 




3rd Class were learning about The Vikings in History recently.  We learned all about Viking longships and how to draw one, we designed our own Viking shields and made Freeze frames in Drama based on a Viking story.


We had great fun making Christmas decorations using pieces of material and polystyrene balls. 

3rd class have enjoyed being back together this year and have had a busy first term at school. Many thanks to Mrs Finlay for her wonderful work with the children. We have thoroughly enjoyed having you with us since September. We also look forward to welcoming our new 3rd class teacher ‘Mrs Carleton’ to the Model. We can be sure the children in 3rd class will make you feel very welcome! 

Fourth Class all painted a Christmas jar. They designed their own jar and painted it using glass paints. The children really enjoyed doing this.

After the jars had dried, the children took part in some flower arranging. They chose flowers and added them to their jars. 

The finished products were beautiful!



In English, we have been reading about 'The Titanic'. We learned a lot about the ship and how it was built. We even learned about a passenger called Francis Brown, who had photographed the ship and had got off the ship in Cobh in Co Cork, before disaster struck.

We continued to develop our writing skills in English as we wrote a Recount piece about the Titanic. The children's creativity was amazing. Some children pretended to be first class passengers, while others were third class passengers. All the writing pieces were fabulous!

Finally, the children all created a picture of 'The Titanic'. Have a look at the amazing work completed by the children.

All the children in 4th class were busy at the beginning of December. They worked hard to complete a range of arts and crafts to donate to Blackwater House. 

We all really enjoyed creating the arts and crafts and we were delighted with out finished products.



Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the genre of 'storytelling and anecdotes'. 

The children worked in small groups within their pods. Each group was given a story starter. The children had to create a story based on the first line. I was so amazed at all the creativity and imagination in each of the stories. We even had stories connecting to 'An Górta Mór'. 

A huge well done to everyone so far!

For Maths Week, Fourth Class completed a Maths Trail, a Kahoot Quiz and integrated Maths into a P.E. lesson too.

We went around the school grounds and observed maths in the school enviornment. It was a lot of fun!

We completed a Kahoot Quiz in our pod groups. It really tested our mental maths. Mrs Marshall was very impressed with the knowledge and skills among the children.

Lastly, we integrated Maths into our P.E. lesson. We played a game called 'Up to 50'. The children had a lot of fun completing exercises until they had 50 different types of movements completed. 


During learning from home, the children were given the task to learn about Norman Castles and create their own Norman Castle. 

Have a look at some of the fabulous creations! A huge well done to everyone who sent me their picture!

Click on 'Read More' to see the rest of the photographs.

Mrs Marshall :) 

Hi there again,

I hope you are all well and have found the work set over the last fortnight manageable. 

I love hearing from you all and I want you to continue forwarding your work to me, when suitable.

This fortnight, the work is set via email. You will receive an email from Mrs Mills with an attachment of your work.

I hope that with the attachment, you will find it easier to print the worksheets rather than from the website.

Please contact me via email if you have any difficulties with the work set.

Stay safe,

Joanne Marshall 


Welcome back everybody! 

I trust you all had a lovely Easter, despite the lockdown. We've had amazing weather and I hope you all got outside lots to enjoy it. I hope you and your families are all keeping well. I've received some lovely pictures from some of you and the amazing things you've been getting up to. Thank you!

I have added work to be completed over the coming fortnight. Please complete it at your leisure and email it to me when suitable to allow me to correct it and send it back to you. I hope you find it manageable. It is by no means to add extra pressure or stress. If you have an issue or any difficulties regarding the work, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. 

Please continue to use symabloo, watch Rte News2day, be creative, bake and play board games.

Once again, I'd like to thank those who are frontline workers. You are doing an amazing job!

Best Wishes,

Joanne Marshall 

Each week, tune into Andrew and Beulah's Bible lesson. They upload a new video every Tuesday.

You can also tune into Colin Tinsley's school assemblies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Happy Easter everyone!

I want to thank you all who emailed me. It was so lovely and encouraging to see all your hard work and fun activities that you've been getting up to. I do miss you all very much and I'm sure you all miss school and seeing your friends too. If you haven't emailed me yet, please try to send me some of your work. I'd love to see it.

We are so blessed to be having such lovely weather this week. Take some time to play outside in your garden or go for a walk to enjoy the lovely weather. You could even make a treasure hunt for yourselves or your siblings.

Hi there boys and girls,

I hope you're all keeping well. I do miss you all and I miss going to school everyday to teach you all. I hope the work that I set for you over the past few weeks was manageable and not too stressful.

As you scroll down this page, you will see the work I have set for this week. I hope it's manageable. It is not set to cause stress or add any extra pressure. I am aware that every family situation is different. Just try your best!

I have attached the work for the class groupings in pictures below. Try your best with the work.

I have planned that we will begin to write a narrative story. This week, we are only planning our story. Do not begin to write your story yet!

Remember to keep your handwriting neat!

Click 'Read More'.

Over the past two weeks, you have completed your Maths Challenge. I have attached the answers below for you to correct your work.

This week, you should complete Test 49-54 in your Maths Challenge.

In Maths, you don't have your Planet Maths book home with you. However, I have attached the link to this section to the Planet Maths ebook and I have attached pictures of the pages. Use which ever works best for you.

This week you will be learning about weight. It is a fun topic to learn at home, as you can weigh lots of things.

Click on 'Read More'.

Over the last two weeks, you have completed your Maths Challenge. I have included the answers to your Maths Challenge below to allow you to correct it yourself. 

Over the next week, you can complete Test 49-54 in your Maths Challenge.

While your at home, I thought a good topic for you to learn about in Maths would be weight.

I have attached sections from your Planet Maths onto the website for you to work from. See the pictures below.

You can also look up Planet Maths ebook on and work from pages 114-118.

You may have to register on Folensonline first on   - Follow the link to create a 'Teacher's Account' and use the roll number 'Prim20'


Click on 'Read More'

The work in Gaeilge is taken from your Am Don Léamh book. Try your best completing the work.

Click on 'Read More'.

Here are the major Mountain Ranges in Ireland.

Try memorise them and then test yourself.

Click on 'Read More'.

We had been learning about the Easter Rising in 1916 before school closed. We had one more thing to learn about before we finished the topic. We had to learn about the Irish Flag. Click 'Read More' to follow the lesson.

As Easter approaches, take some time to create your own Easter Art or Craft.

Click on to give you ideas on what to make and create. 

During times like these, we are reminded how God is almighty and knows what the future holds. 

We need to keep learning about God and pray to him. I have been keeping you all in my prayers and praying God looks after each of you!

Click on 'Read More' to find some interesting videos.

As a some of you may be out and about on the farm, I wanted to remind you of 'Farm Safety'.

Its so important that we stay safe while on the farm.

Click on 'Read More' to see the activities.

Hi everybody,

I hope everyone is well and is keeping safe during these changing days and weeks. I'm sure you are all missing school and catching up with all of your friends too. I do miss teaching you all everyday too! 

I've uploaded the China project criteria to the website, just incase some of you have lost it or mislaid it over the past few days. Remember if there's a section that you're struggling with, leave it out and move on to the next part.

Click on 'Read More' to see the instructions for the project.

Keep safe everyone! 

As part of Seachtain an Gaeilge, 3rd and 4th class teamed up with Mrs Stewart’s Senior Infants.

Here are a few pictures of third and fourth class working with senior infants. Some children were reading Irish books, some playing a matching game, playing Deir Ó Grádaigh, playing in the siopa, cé hé mise? etc...

It was a great way to get using our Gaeilge!!!

Check out the art work and report writing on the topic of animals! What impressive work!!

During the school closure, the Department of Education has outlined that learning will still continue at home. I am aware that in the current situation it is difficult and the children will struggle to learn new topics. Therefore, the work which has been set is self-explanatory and covers a lot of revision. I encourage the children to try their best with all of the activities below.

Fourth class boys were invited to go to a GAA blitz in St. Macartan's Secondary School.

Seven boys signed up. They all played extremely well! 

Well Done Boys!

We were busy busy busy singing before Christmas. 

We had a great time at the AIB bank singing for all the customers. 

A big thank you to the AIB for inviting us!

We were delighted to be invited to First Monaghan Senior Citizen's Chirstmas Dinner to spread some Christmas cheer. The children sang their hearts out as they sang some well known Christmas carols and songs. 

We were so thankful for the juice and treats afterwards!

Third and Fourth class took part in STEPS young engineer's project.

The children were given the task of creating their own prototype in groups. The children had to reflect on something in the environment around them and suggest ways in which it could be improved. It was a great exercise that allowed for lots of positive discussion in groups. 

Some children looked at how boats can cause pollution. They decided to create a boat that worked on natural energy rather than on fuel would allow it to be cleaner for the environment. 

Other groups had a number of children who wore glasses. They suggested that it can be irritating on a rainy day when your glasses steam up. This group decided to give their glasses wipers and a light.

Another group created a machine to produce bubble gums. They had a very snazzy design!

One group felt speeding on the roads was an issue. Therefore they created a prototype to alert drivers of the speed with a flashing light to attract the driver's attention.

Another group, created a 'Timer'. This timer was to encourage more activity in children.

Lastly, another group created a gymnastics kit for children with disabilities. It was lovely to see the children being inclusive.

Have a look through our photos to see the prototypes being created and the finished project. 

It's true to say that there are many future engineers in our classroom!!

3rd and 4th class wrote poems titled 'Be the reason someone smiles today' for the Monaghan Mental Health Association. 

Congratulations to our two merit winners and two highly commended. 

We had a lovely night at the prize giving ceremony in The Four Seasons Hotel in Monaghan.


Fun with Fractions!

3rd and 4th class concluded their learning of fractions with some active learning.

The children participated in various stations, such as a loop game of fractions, some ICT fraction games, using dominoes, Fraction SNAP and Fraction pizzas. It was a great way to learn and revise equivalent fractions.

Fourth class took part in a Futsal bltiz in Colaiste Oriaill.

We had a fantastic boys and girls team.

Well Done to everybody!


During maths week, we had a lesson using IZAK 9.

We created a wall using the multiples of three. We also out the IZAK 9 back together showing the 2D shape on each side. It was tricky but we completed it. Great team work by all! 

In art, we learned there are three primary colours - yellow, blue and red.

We found out that when we mix the primary colours, we can make secondary colours!

It was a great lesson!



Welcome back to school! Our first topic of the year was 'School'. 

The children learned lots about schools in the past and compared it to schools nowadays. 

We even got to see pictures of the Model School back in the past.

Check out our fabulous art pastel pictures of 'Our School'.

School Trip to AWOL

3rd and 4th class went on their school tour to AWOL in Emyvale. Despite the wet weather, we had a blast of a time.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Chán rang a 3 agus a 4 Báibín Siorc don Seachtain na Gaeilge. Bhí am iontach againn. 

World Book Day

Check out all our book characters! 

Third and Fourth class competed in a Tug of War blitz in Tyholland Community Centre.

2D Shapes in our Playground

Third and Fourth class went on a Maths Trail around the playground looking for 2D shapes.


Decimals and Fractions

Check out some of our active learning in Maths!

We had a visit from Monaghan Museum. We learned lots about World War II.


 Third and Fourth Class have been learning about soils in SESE. We observed and experimented with a range of soils.

Christmas Maths


The week before Christmas, the children worked in pairs to plan a Christmas party.



3rd and 4th class got the opportunity to take part in Tug-o-War training session.


On the 27th November, some of the boys and girls from 3rd and 4th class got to take part in a Futsal blitz.

On the 20th November, 3rd and 4th class attended a science workshop in St. Patrick's Hall.

A trip to meet Tom Palmer

A trip to meet Tom Palmer 3rd and 4th class went to the Y.W.C.A. hall to writer's workshop. In this workshop, they got an opportunity to meet a famous author called Tom Palmer. 

3rd and forth class 2017 - 2018 Review


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