Junior Infants

After learning all about fire safety and developing oral langauge around the theme of 'The Fire Station', Junior Infants were pleasantly surprised by a visit from the fire engine.

The chidlren in Junior Infants love stories so we celebrated World Book Day 2022 by spending time reading our favourite stories.


As part of our Geography curriculum we learned all about Africa and made comparisons with what life is like for children in Africa compared to children in Ireland.

December was a busy month in the Junior Infant classroom with the children taking on the very important role of Santa's little helpers. After some necessary elf training the children set to work in Santa's workshop.

The children spent the month of November learning about people who help us in the local community.


Autumn brings a lot of change and this didn't go unnoticed by the Junior Infants!

We enjoyed taking part in lots of Mathematical activities to celebrate Maths Week. We incorporated the environment around us into our learning by looking for 2D and 3D shapes on our shape trail, sorting and classifying items found on our Autumn trail and using them to make patterns.

Indoor and Outdoor play is a very important part of the children's learning in Junior Infants.

Our first priority in Junior Infants is to develop the children's fine motor skills in preparation for writing.

We welcomed 26 fabulous new Junior Infants to the Model School this year. The children arrived to school excited and ready to start on their new adventure in 'big school'! We hope the children enjoy all the new experiences in the classroom and make lots of new friends along the way.

Junior Infants enjoyed a December filled with Christmas cheer in the classroom. Our theme for the month was 'Santa's Workshop' so we adopted the role of Santa and his elves during the play sessions.

Junior Infants have enjoyed their first term at their new school and have encountered lots of new learning experiences.

Junior Infants have enjoyed their first term at their new school and have encountered lots of new learning experiences.

Hi everybody, 

Good Morning Junior Infants, 

Hi everyone, 

Here are some activities for the coming week. I hope you enjoy!

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a fantastic week and are ready for a nice long weekend. Here are some suggested activities for next week. I can't wait to see what activities you choose for staying active. Do things you enjoy and that make you smile.laughing Make getting fit lots of fun! 

Hi everyone, 

I have loved seeing all your photos and videos of the activities during the week. Here are a few more ideas to keep you busy and learning this week. Keep out in the sunshine and make the most of this fabulous weather.

Hello Junior Infants,

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and are continuing to enjoy the lovely sunshine. As we are continuing to learn from home I have attached some activities for you to work on this week. All parents will receive an email with printable worksheets and activities. If anyone does not receive this then please let us know via the school email address. 

Hello Junior Infants,

Thank You so much to all of you who have sent me lovely emails so far. It has really brightened up my days hearing from you and seeing what you all have been up to! Please do keep them coming....I am missing you all terribly and really enjoy having this contact with you all! Anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to send a quick email, please do! I would love to hear from you.smile

I hope you have all enjoyed the activities this week. I have seen some fabulous photographs of the children engaging in the activities which is so encouraging. Whoever thought Junior Infants could be so capable and independent? I am incredibly proud of you all, your parents and your families. You have really risen to this challenge. Well Done to you all!

I have added some new tiles on the Symbaloo account with some fun activities that you may enjoy over the holidays. The log in details if requested on any site are the same as you use for the Folens account with the exception of Phonics Play who are offering free access using the codes on their website. The games on abcya.com are free to use when on from PC/laptop but cannot be accessed from mobile devices(phones/tablets). The children are quite familiar with using this site and how to operate the mouse to complete the activities.

As the Easter holidays are upon us please do take a break from the school work and enjoy some precious family time together. Have fun, play games, bake some yummy Easter treats, watch movies, walk together, talk together and enjoy each others company! 

For those parents and family members who are working on the frontline and providing essential services at this challenging time...... Thank You. You are all heroes. 

Best Wishes and Happy Easter to you all,

Alanna Porter laughing

Hi everyone, 

Here are the Log In details for our class Folens account. I notice that it logs out itself so you may be requested to put these details in to access the Planet Maths and Abair Liom resources. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password: Model2020

Good Morning everyone!

I have added a tile on Symbaloo for the children to access free ebooks from the Oxford Owl website. These are the log in details should you have any difficulty in accessing the site.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password: Model2020


Happy Reading smile

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all well, keeping safe and enjoying some lovely family time at home. The sun is out so be sure to enjoy it! Get on your bicycle, kick a football and run around the garden to gets lots of exercise. Keep an eye out for any little birds visiting your garden, try to catch your shadow or paint some letter and numbers on your yard using paintbrushes and a pot of water! Have fun and enjoy this time at home.

Junior Infants - our grow box is full of mushrooms! Just a pity we are not in school to enjoy a mushroom snack together. Thanks so much to Oscar for teaching us all about how his family grow mushrooms at home and providing us with this fabulous grow box.


Please find below a Plan of Work to keep little hands and minds busy during this period of school closure. Repetition and revision is a vital part of learning for younger children so these activities will give them an opportunity to consolidate their learning. All listed activities are based on previously taught topics so the children should be able to work confidently with a little bit of guidance and direction from an adult. As regards number and letter formation, please ensure the children are following the correct formation rules as practised bad habits are very hard to break. 

Nothing better to get us into the Christmas spirit than music and stories! We enjoyed a lovely morning in the library where we heard stories, played music and combined both to make some wonderful musical stories. 

Niall de Búrca had the children eating out of his hand at the museum with his fabulous storytelling, great sense of humour and very funny expressions. He managed to incorporate some music and singing into his stories too. A lovely Christmas treat thoroughly enjoyed by all - even the teachers!

After learning about the journey of a letter from the post box to its destination, we had some posting of our own to do. We kept the post man busy delivering our 'Thank You' cards and a Christmas present to Peace (a little Ugandan girl we sponsor through World Vision).We made the cards, wrote the messages and addressed the envelopes and off we went to the Post Office. This was a great way to work on our writing genre 'To socialise'. We compared the distance each parcel had to travel and the price it cost to post it. The staff at the Post Office were so helpful that we sang them 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' before leaving!

We completed a unit of work on 'People Who Help Us' and focused particularly on 'The Hospital'. The children shared their own personal experiences of hospitals and enjoyed learning about the different occupations within the hospital. We invited some of our parents who work in this environment to come and talk to the children about their work. We had the pleasure of spending a morning with two nurses and a radiographer. We asked plenty of questions, were given lots of good advice and loved having some real life professionals to play with in the Role Play Area. We re-enacted all we learned during our drama lessons when we found poor Humpty Dumpty in a terrible state at the bottom of the wall!

We also had a visit from the people at Barretstown who work with children who are sick in hospital. They introduced us to 'Chemo Duck' and taught us how to be a good friend to someone who sick. 

We concluded our theme with a visit from paramedic 'Granda Tony' in his ambulance. Paramedic Tony taught us how to ring for an ambulance in an emergency and showed us how the ambulance driver finds the way to our house. 

A big 'Thank You' to all of our visiting professionals who took the time to visit the Junior Infant classroom and share their expertise.


Fruit and Vegetable Shop 

In the Autumn term we worked on the theme of 'Fruit and Vegetables'. The Health Promoting Schools Committee taught us about our Healthy Eating Policy and we checked our lunchboxes to make sure we were eating all the right things. The children had an opportunity to try some fruit and vegetables from the shop we had opened in our Role Play Area. We enjoyed vegetables with hummus, fruit salad and some delicious pumpkin soup. These all went down a treat and the children enjoyed trying some new foods - lots of which are now appearing regularly in the lunchboxes. A great healthy start to the school year!

Junior Infants 2019 - All settled in and enjoying their new school with lots of new friends!


As part of our History lessons we have been learning about 'When my Grandparents were young'. The children interviewed their Grandparents about life when they were growing up.

During the month of January Junior Infants adopted the role of Polar Explorers. Our classroom was transformed into the Arctic Region filled with Arctic animals, an igloo, water and lots of lots of ice! In the Role Play area the children wrapped up warm to face the Arctic conditions. They packed their bags and off they went on their adventures, spotting many familiar animals on their way.

We attended a Storytelling Workshop organised by Monaghan Town Library on 8th October.

As part of Maths Week 2018

we explored the topic of Shape. The children showed great creativity and imagination when using the shapes to create pictures.

Our new class of Junior Infants have settled in very well and are enjoying all that Monaghan Model School has to offer!

Junior Infants 2017-2018

Aistear – The Supermarket. As part of our Health Promoting Schools Project we explored the topic of ‘Healthy Eating’ through our play activities. We opened our very own supermarket in the Role Play area. The children were encouraged to make healthy choices as they did their shopping. We discussed all the healthy options available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offered alternatives to some less healthy choices.

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