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To celebrate Maths Week the children had to solve mathematical problems in their groups each day at the start of our Maths lesson. To do this they had to use their whiteboards to follow the Problem Solving rule; RUDECC. The letters stand for Read the problem, Underline the important pieces of information, Draw a pictrure of the problem, Estimate an answer, Calculate the answer and finally Check over the work to make sure it makes sense.

Hello again and welcome back!

We have been busy as little bees since starting back in September. I think the children are like myself and are all happy to be back in the classroom. In order to settle ourselves back in we were working hard on learning about our well-being and getting to know each other again.

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all still keeping well and managing to cope at home. I have attached your next unit of work as a pdf document in an email that Mrs. Mills will send onto your parents. You will also find other attachments that you need for the next fortnight of work and you will need to use some of the ones that I sent you in the last unit of work too.

I'm missing you all and the school environment desperately but I hope you're all coping as best you can with the work that I am setting. It's all new to all of us so lets not be too hard on ourselves and just do our best!

Take care, stay safe and wash your hands!

April 27th – May 11th 2020

School Closure Work for Mrs. Lochner’s, 2nd and 3rd Class

Hello again everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the break over the Easter holidays as much as possible given the current situation.

Second Instalment of School Closure Work for Mrs. Lochner’s, 2nd and 3rd Class.

*** This unit of work is for a fortnight, with "Easter Holidays" in the middle of this unit, you have plenty of time to complete this work before the next installment which will be begin on Monday 27th April.***

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and continuing to wash those hands and keep your social distancing going? I am missing each and every one of you very much and only wish I was able to see you all in person, to do this next unit of work with you all. Unfortunately, as you’re all aware this is not possible as of yet and we therefore have to do our very best to keep up with our learning at home. I hope that the work I have given so far hasn’t proven too difficult and you have managed to get through it without torturing your parents too much!

I would like to remind you all that when you’re doing this next section of work to remember the standard of work that I expect off you and that you ensure your work is completed to that standard each and every day. Finally, God has gifted us with this beautiful, sunny weather to help us get through this tough time so please make the most of it while you can and enjoy it! Take care and stay safe!

In an attempt to make home life over the next few weeks as normal as possible, I have planned some straight forward work that should keep your child/children sufficiently occupied. The following work has been chosen so your child should be able to complete it without assisstance in most cases. If they encounter any difficult questions and/or activities please don't get frustrated, just move on to another task. This plan of work is given to help support parents and not to cause any added stress at what is an extraordinary time, so bear this in mind.

A vital part of children's learning has been attributed to their ability to assess and critique their own work. This consolidates the learning objective qand allows them to see what they have done well and what they could improve on in the future. It is a valuable skill that will be used in all areas of everyday life in the future. Here you can see them using an assessment rubric for their Recount writing - where they recounted their summer holidays.

In order to encourage the children to present their written work neatly and do their handwriting to the best of their ability I have created the "Wonder Wall" where only the best work will be photocopied and put on display for everyone to admire. As you can see it's filling up very fast and has proved a great incentive!

Maths week is a time for us to demonstrate to the children how fun Maths is and how this subject plays a major role in our everyday lives.

We had a busy first term getting to know each other and becoming friends. In doing this we played a lot of ice-breaker games in all subjects and had lots of fun, especially in Art. Here are just some of our wonderful creations on display in and around the classroom.


As part of STEM the children were asked to design a roller-coaster that would carry a marble from the top to the bottom without it falling off or being obstructed at any stage.

The children really enjoyed learning about the concept of area as the entire surface of an object.

Renaming in Subtraction.

In Second Class children have to learn the necessary skill of renaming in subtraction which can prove quite a challenge.

Learning about Time.

Learning Time in Second class can be a challenge for lots of boys and girls so it is important to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible.

The children have a "Fuzzy Jar" which they get filled with two pom poms for every positive/fuzzy story they can tell from their yard break.

World Book Day 2019!

Second class were a sight to behold on World Book Day.

Hibernation Stations and Snowball Structures

Hibernation Station

This challenge allowed students to experiment with different forms of insulation and renewable energy and how these are applicable in the real world.

Learning about Money in Second Clas

Learning about money can be quite a challenge for a lot of children so plenty of practise is required in the very basics of adding coins together and figuring out how much change you are owed in a shop.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

One of our STEM activities in November was that the children had to make a dinner table big enough and sturdy enough to hold all the food and cutlery needed for a festive Thanksgiving dinner.

STEM - Apple Rafts

Children were asked to imagine they were trapped on a desert island with nothing only apples and toothpicks to create a raft for them to escape on.

Pom Pom Slingshots.

September STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

We are all delighted to have started a brand new school year in Second Class.

Second Class Rvier 2017-2018

Second and Third Class Review 2018

Our Year in Pictures Drama Character Walk – Walk like a giraffe, Walk like a fashion model, Walk like you cannot find your car keys and move like a butterfly. Golden Time Construction Tower using Jenga blocks. We all worked together to create our very own Food Pyramid in our efforts to learn how to eat healthier.

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