Senior Infants

This year Senior Infants have really enjoyed 'Outdoor Play'. During outdoor play sessions the children have the opportunity to be creative and use their imaginations, develop their gross and fine motor skills and also to use their problem solving skills to find solutions to problems they encounter as they play.

During Maths Week the children were engaged in playful experiences that helped them to learn in a fun way, while developing their mathematical skills. 

Senior Infants have just completed a unit of work on the topic 'Myself'. We set up a Doctor's Surgery in the classroom and also ran a baby clinic. 

Literacy Stations are a definite favourite in our classroom. The children get to work on many different aspects of literacy in a fun way. There is lots of variety and many opportunities to develop our literacy skills. 




World Book Day is a important one in the Model School and as always everyone made a great effort to dress up as a character from a book. The children also prepared an oral report on a favourite or much loved book, recorded it and sent it to school via the Seesaw App. We had a great time listening to our peers and now have some new book suggestions for our class library. I think you will all agree everyone looked amazing and we had a great day as we celebrated World Book Day 2021




On Friday 11th December the children arrived in school looking very festive indeed. This was a great way to raise funds for The Children's Health Foundation Crumlin. Spirits were high and they all looked fantastic too. 

img_2943.jpg - 93.12 kB

During Maths week, we enjoyed many varied activities. We made patterns, played dice games, found coins in the sand and matched them, built number towers, worked on the Ipads and played domino counting and matching games. 

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We went on an Autumn Hunt in the school grounds. We found lots of interesting things including insects, bird feathers and leaves of all colours just to name a few. 

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We took full advantage of the good weather in September and put our skills to good use in the Outdoor Play Area.

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