Model Primary School Homework policy

Procedures to be Followed in the Event of an Accident/Injury.

  1. One of our Special Needs Assistants attend to injuries arising in the playground. If they are not present then they are referred to the teacher on duty.

The child is accompanied from the yard by SNA or by one other child. Under no circumstances should the accompanying child administer First Aid or come in contact with blood.

  1. It is school policy to put a Band-Aid (plaster) on all injuries where the skin is punctured. All injuries will be treated using appropriate PPE as outlined in Covid-19 School Response Plan & Risk Assessment.
  1. All pupils with nose- bleeds must be dealt with appropriately.
  1. All blood must be considered as potentially infectious and gloves must be worn when going to dress a bloody injury or treat a nose -bleed.
  1. All cotton wool/tissues soiled with blood should be put in a plastic bag, sealed and placed in the bin or alternatively flushed down the toilet.
  1. When in doubt about the seriousness of an injury, please ask a colleague for a second opinion.
  1. Ice-packs are available and should be wrapped in one of the cloths provided specifically for this purpose.

If a person displays symptoms of Covid-19 the following procedure is to be implemented:

  • Isolate the person and have a procedure in place to accompany the individual to the designated isolation area via the isolation route, keeping at least 2 metres away from the symptomatic person and also making sure that others maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from the symptomatic person at all times.
  • Provide a mask for the person presenting with symptoms if one is available. He/she should wear the mask if in a common area with other people or while exiting the premises.
  • Assess whether the individual who is displaying symptoms can immediately be directed to go home and call their doctor and continue self-isolation at home.
  • Facilitate the person presenting with symptoms remaining in isolation if they cannot immediately go home and facilitate them calling their doctor. The individual should avoid touching people, surfaces and objects. Advice should be given to the person presenting with symptoms to cover their mouth and nose with the disposable tissue provided when they cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the waste bag provided
  • If the person is well enough to go home, arrange for them to be transported home by a family member, as soon as possible and advise them to inform their general practitioner by phone of their symptoms. Public transport of any kind should not be used
  • If they are too unwell to go home or advice is required, contact 999 or 112 and inform them that the sick person is a Covid-19 suspect.
  • Carry out an assessment of the incident which will form part of determining follow-up actions and recovery.
  • Arrange for appropriate cleaning of the isolation area and work areas involved.
  • Used PPE to be put in a bin bag, tied up and then put into another bag and secured. This will be placed in designated Covid Bin outside for 72 hours before being added to general waste.

Recording of First Aid & Suspected Case of Covid-19

  1. The names of those attending for minor First Aid are recorded in the First Aid Notebook which is kept in the First Aid Box. Eg Joe Bloggs – cut knee – plaster
  2. If the child goes home as a result of the injury, the person who administers First Aid
  3. will inform the teacher on duty at the time of the accident
  4. will inform the class teacher and
  5. will indicate to both teachers the nature of the injury
  6. The teacher will then decide if it is necessary to make a record of the incident in the Incident Book, which is kept in the grey cupboard in the Staffroom.
  7. In the event of a child’s temperature being taken or being assessment of suspected case of Covid-19 details will be recorded in the Diary in Isolation Area No. 1


  1. Accidents of a more serious nature should be recorded in the School Incident Book. The teacher on yard duty should report them in a common sense and factual manner with particular reference to the supervision being exercised at the relevant time.  It will be necessary for SNA/Secretary or other teacher involved in caring for the pupil to follow on and make a record of the following:-
  • Pupil’s Name
  • Date and Time of Accident
  • First Aid administered
  • procedures followed in the First Aid area
  • efforts made to contact parents/guardians

Don’t forget to sign and date the entry.

  1. In the case of very serious accidents Teachers should also fill in an Accident Report Form available from I.N.T.O. Head Office (Our I.N.T.O. Rep may have one of these forms) and
  • Forward the white copy to the I.N.T.O. 35 Parnell Sq, Dublin 1.
  • Retain the yellow copy for school reference.
  • Forward the pink copy to the Chairperson of the Board of Management.
  • Send report to Health & Safety Authority via online link
  1. In the case of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in school the Department of Education will be notified as directed by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please read


which are appended and form part of this policy.

Please also refer to

Monaghan Model School Covid -19 School Response Plan

Monaghan Model School Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Model School Logistics Plan


Revised: May 2016

Reviewed and Amended: December; 2020

Ratified by Board of Management on: ________________________


Signature of Chairperson: ________________________

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