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 The existing Health and Safety statement was reviewed following the introduction of the ‘Guidelines on Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Primary Schools’. All teaching staff and the safety representative from the Board of Management were involved in this review.

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It is a legal requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, for every employer, in conjunction with employees, to prepare a Health and Safety Statement. The Board of Management of Monaghan Model School is committed to safety and health. This statement specifies the manner, the organisation and the resources necessary for maintaining and reviewing safety and health welfare standards in our school.

The Board of Management in drafting this statement has outlined their health and safety programme and will make it available to all employees, outside services providers and Inspectors of the Health and Safety Authority. The Board of Management is also taking into consideration its ‘duty of care’ role in the school and this is an integral part of our Health and Safety Statement.

This policy requires the co-operation of all employees. It shall be reviewed annually or more frequently if necessary, in light of experience, changes in legal requirements or operational changes. An internal and external safety audit will be carried out annually and a report made to staff. All records of accidents and ill health will be monitored to ensure that any safety measures required can be put in place to minimise the recurrence of such accidents and ill health.

Relationship to the characteristic Spirit of the School The Board of Management of Monaghan Model School is committed to the creation of a safe and healthy working environment for all members of the school community.


In drafting this policy the Board of Management hopes to achieve the following with this statement:

  • to create a safe and healthy school environment by identifying, preventing and tackling hazards and their accompanying risks;
  • to ensure understanding of the school’s duty of care towards pupils;
  • to ensure that plans are in place in the event of emergencies and that they are complied with and revised as necessary;
  • to protect the school community from workplace accidents and ill health at work;
  • to outline procedures and practices in place to ensure safe systems of work;
  • to comply with all relevant health and safety legislation (so far as is reasonably practicable) to include the following areas
  • Provision of a safe workplace for all employees – teachers, SNAs, secretary, caretaker, etc.
  • To ensure competent employees, who will carry out safe work practices
  • Safe access and egress routes
  • Safe handling and use of hazardous substances and equipment
  • Safe equipment including maintenance and use of appropriate guards
  • Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Responsibilities of employer - Board of Management

It is the responsibility of the Board of Management to:

  • Provide and maintain a workplace that is safe and do likewise for all machinery and equipment etc.
  • Manage work activities to ensure the safety, health and welfare of employees
  • Ensure that risks are assessed and hazards are eliminated or minimized as far as is reasonably practical.
  • Ensure that an internal and external safety audit is carried out annually.
  • Prepare a safety statement and regularly update it, particularly when there have been significant changes or when the risk assessment is no longer valid
  • Provide and maintain decent welfare facilities for employees
  • Prepare and update procedures to deal with an emergency situation and communicate these procedures to employees
  • Appoint a competent person to oversee the functions of the Board in relation to Health & Safety
  • Provide training and information to workers in a format and language that is appropriate, including training on the commencement of employment
  • Report serious accidents to the Health and Safety Authority
  • Consult annually with employees and provide them with information in relation to safety, health and welfare
  • Require employers from whom services are contracted to have an up to date safety statement (e.g. painters, contract cleaners, bus companies…)

Responsibilities of employees:

Health and safety is everyone’s business. As a worker you have legal duties designed to protect you and those you work with.

Responsibilities of employees include:

  • Not to be under the influence of an intoxicant to the extent that you endanger your own or another persons’ safety.
  • To submit to tests for intoxicants as and when regulations specifying testing procedures are adopted
  • To co-operate with an employer or other people to ensure that the Health and Safety law is implemented
  • Not to engage in improper conduct that will endanger you or anyone else
  • To attend Health and Safety training and correctly use any equipment at work
  • To use protective clothes and equipment provided
  • To report without reasonable delay any dangerous practices or situations that you are aware of to Rhonda Stewart or Linda Mills
  • Not to interfere or misuse any safety equipment at your workplace
  • If you are suffering from a disease or illness that adds to risks, to tell your employer.

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