The patron of the school is the Minister of Education and Skills and the Chairperson of the Board of Management is Canon Ian Berry.

The Board of Management, which has a four-year term of office, has representatives of the patron, the parents, the teachers and the community.

The Board of Management is responsible for the appointment of staff and the overall running of the school.

It also has responsibility for the maintenance of desirable standards of behaviour within the school and the implementation of the Health and Safety and Welfare at Work Act.

We are fortunate in the Model School that the Department of Education funds the heating, lighting and maintenance of the school, so reducing the financial burden to parents.

The current Board was elected in December 2019.

The present office bearers are:

  • Patron's Nominees : Canon Ian Berry & Rev Alan McQuade
  • Parents' Nominees : Mrs Suzanne Graham & Mr Malachy Smith
  • Community Nominees : Mr Edmund Graham & Mrs Hilary Workman
  • Teachers' Nominee : Mrs Rhonda Stewart
  • Principal Teacher : Mrs Alanna Porter

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