School Polices

Injury Model Primary School Monaghan

Procedures to be Followed in the Event of an Accident/Injury.

 Data Protection Policy

The school’s Data Protection Policy applies to the personal data held by the school’s Board of Management (BoM), which is protected by the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and the EU General Data Personal Regulation (GDPR)

anti Bully Policy

The Model school community believes that each pupil has a right to an education free from fear and intimidation. The school regards bullying as a serious infringement of individual rights and a serious threat to the self-esteem and self-confidence of targeted pupil(s) and therefore it does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

Attendance at Monaghan Model Primary School

 Regular attendance helps to create a stable learning environment for all pupils, and the school hopes to promote co-operation among pupils, parents/guardians and staff in maintaining a high level of regular attendance through the school year.

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

Mandatory Template 1: Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Template

Written Assessment of Risk of Monaghan Model School

Position on child protection Model School Monaghan

Monaghan Model School is a primary school providing primary education to pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

Critical Incident Policy Model School Monaghan

Our original Code of Behaviour was devised by the principal in consultation with a PPDS Advisor, all staff members, members of the Board of Management, the senior students and the parents committee.

Covid- 19 Policy Statement

Monaghan Model School is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff and students. To ensure that, the Board of Management have developed a Covid-19 Response Plan and updated the Safety Statement for the school.

Critical Incident Policy Model School Monaghan

 This Critical Incident Policy was formulated by the staff of Monaghan Model School in conjunction with the PDST facilitator, in July 2008, reviewed and amended in November 2012.

Custody Access  & Separation Policy Model School Monaghan

The staff of Monaghan Model School encourage parents experiencing separation to come and speak confidentially to the teachers and/or principal. It is our aim to handle such matters with sensitivity and compassion, and ultimately, our primary concern is for the well being of the child/children. 

Data Retention Periods for schools

Data Retention Periods for schools, Pupil Related - Retention Periods Interview Records, Staff Records

Equality of Access and Participation Policy Model School Monaghan

This policy is devised to ensure equality of access for all pupils and staff in the school environment and to ensure that no conditions be allowed which may hinder an individual (or groups) participation in school life.

health and safety Model Primary School Monaghan

This existing Health and Safety Statement was updated by the staff of Monaghan Model School in conjunction with ‘Guidelines on Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Primary Schools’ in 2014 and was reviewed again in November 2020.he existing Health and Safety statement was reviewed following the introduction of the ‘Guidelines on Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Primary Schools’. All teaching staff and the safety representative from the Board of Management were involved in this review.

homework Model Primary School Monaghan

In general homework is a mixture of oral work which will need an input from parents and written work which should be checked by parents. Ratified by Board of Management on Thursday 10th December 2020

mobile phone Model Primary School Monaghan

The Model School will employ a number of strategies in order to maximise learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the Internet. The aim of this Acceptable Use Policy (hereafter AUP) is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources.

Home Schooling Partnership Policy Model School Monaghan

 This Homeschooling partnership is envisaged as a positive working relationship that is characterised by a shared sense of purpose, mutual respect and a willingness to listen and learn in the best interests of pupils’ development and progress.

Interical Model Primary School Monaghan

We felt it was necessary to instill in our pupils the need to respect difference and to facilitate an intercultural curriculum. This policy was necessary because our school had become more diverse.

Model School Plan for Relationships & Sexuality Education

Through the implementation of the S.P.H.E. Programme, we aspire to enable children to acquire a sense of identity, self-esteem, mutual respect, responsibility for actions and moral values and to give them the language, factual information and skills necessary for this within a Christian framework.’

Monaghan Model School Policy on Photography

Like all schools Monaghan Model School needs and welcomes positive publicity. Photographs of children add colour, life and interest to photographs of the school activities and initiatives.  Making use of photographs in school publicity materials can increase pupil motivation and staff morale and help parents and the local community identify and celebrate the school’s achievements. However, photographs must be used in a responsible way.

mobile phone Model Primary School Monaghan

This policy has been revised and updated in response to technological advances which have seen a significant increase in hand held electronic ‘gadgets’ amongst the school population over recent years.

Position on Bullying Model Primary

The Model school community believes that each pupil has a right to an education free from fear and intimidation. The school regards bullying as a serious infringement of individual rights and a serious threat to the self-esteem and self-confidence of and targeted pupil.

Privacy Statement at Model School Monaghan

We are committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to our website. This privacy statement relates to our practices in connection with our website and is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, ...

Remote Communication / Teaching & Learning Plan for Monaghan Model School

In response to a time of uncertainty regarding school closures due to the spread of Covid-19, we have formulated this policy to outline how the school will maintain positive and meaningful communication between all partners within the school community.

School Tours Model Primary School Monaghan

 Taking into account the age and interests of the children and the curriculum being covered, Educational Outings will be arranged by the school to present the children with a new environment in which they can observe, investigate and relate their findings to their own environment.

Harrestment Policy Primary School Monaghan

 The Board of Management of Monaghan Model School recognize that all employees have the right to a workplace free from sexual harassment and is fully committed to ensuring that all employees are able to enjoy that right.

Stay Safe Child Protection Policy

Stay Safe :- Child Protection Policy

The staff, parents and board of management have developed and agreed this policy in line with the current recommendations and guidelines relating to child abuse and child protection guidelines.

Drug Free School Monaghan

The central objective of this Substance Use Policy is the welfare, care and protection of every young person in line with the Education Act, 1998.

Special needs School Monaghan

We aim to give every child the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve as high a standard as possible we use the ‘Continuum of Support Process’

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