The Model School is a co_educational school under the management of the Department of Education.  Our school is essentially Christian in ethos catering mainly for children from Protestant denominations but other faiths are welcome.  We encourage a Christian set of moral beliefs, attitudes and practices.  

We endeavour to create a positive climate and atmosphere where each pupil feels valued and accepted; where the personal development, health and wellbeing of the individual is nurtured and maintained, thus enabling them to develop positive relationships and become active and responsible citizens of society. 

Our vision is that each child should fulfil his/her potential intellectually, physically, socially and morally, regardless of gender, race or creed. 

We aspire to educate the school community towards openness, respect for diversity and inclusiveness where each individual is valued and accepted and holds responsibility for the creation of a fair and just multicultural society.  

The school staff sees it as their responsibility, through their professional interactions, to promote all aspects of the school ethos.  Our school recognises also that the individual and collective professional and personal development of teachers is a duty of care and consideration.  

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