We were delighted to hear the wonderful news that we have been awarded our fourth Green Flag for our work on the theme of Travel.This was an exciting, and at times challenging theme to work on over the last two years!

The broad nature of the Travel theme, provided us with the opportunity to explore and learn about issues affecting our environment, and how we can all play a part to protect our world. The entire school community-pupils, teachers, staff members,parents and the Green Schools Committee (pictured above), along with our Travel Officer Sorcha Brophy- worked extremely hard over the course of this project, to ensure we received our fourth flag! A sincere thank you to you all!

Take a look at some of the activities we participated in over the last two years. 


Traffic Surveys: In February 2018, 2nd Class carried out a Traffic Survey at both entrances to the school. They counted and recorded the amount of vehicles passing our school gates over a specific time period.


Mapping activity & Travel Survey: Sorcha helped us to draw a large map of the school catchment area. Each pupil marked where they live so we could see where our pupils were travelling from. Pupils from 1st-6th Class also answered questions on how they travel to school in our Travel Survey. The results were displayed on our Green Schools Board.

Globe Air Quality Investigation: A major part of our Travel Project, was our participation in the Globe Air Quality study, where we investigated the quality of air around our school.This was a nationwide programme involving An Taisce, The EPA, and thirty other schools. We placed test tubes at three different locations around our school to test the quality of air.


We carried out the investigation three times between February 2019 and February 2020. The results over the course of the entire study showed that the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide have fallen around our school locations. Our current levels fall within the average and excellent range.

No Idling Campaign: As we were investigating the quality the air round our school, we decided to launch a No Idling Campaign at our school gates. In November 2019, we asked families, and bus-drivers to make a pledge to turn off their vehicles while waiting at the school gates every morning and evening.Pupils designed lots of creative posters on this theme, and these were displayed at the school gates and throughout the school.




Big Travel Challenge: In February 2020 we took part in the Big Travel Challenge. We invited parents and pupils to Park 'n' Stride to school for ten days. The weather didn't help during this time, as there were a number of very cold, frosty and snowy mornings, but lots of families participated and made a big effort to walk to school. Thank you!

Class Projects: All classes have worked very hard on the theme of Travel. There have been lots of wonderful lessons on topics relating to Travel, Climate Change and Pollution, and also plenty of beautiful posters highlighting the theme. Below is an example of one such piece of work from 3rd & 4th Class. The pupils responded to an item on the RTE News2day programme, and it was posted on the show!

Our Green Code: At the time of the school closure, we were collecting ideas from pupils for our Green Code for the Travel flag.It was very hard to choose just one, so we joined two slogans together to form our Green Schools Travel code. So well done to the pupils from Senior Infants, and to Millie Hall and Clara Gillanders!



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